The Kissing Flies

by Albatross

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Track Listing (only tracks #2 and #3 are available here):

1. Wither
2. Uncle Sunny At the Tavern
3. Kissing Flies
4. From Ashes Comes Life


released June 19, 2012


Biprorshee Das- Vocals
Jay Thacker- Drums
Vigneshkumar Venkatraman- Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Nishith Hegde- Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Dr. Hex- Fretless Bass

Recorded at Demonic Studios
Drums Engineered by Hamza Kazi
Mixed by Niklas Stalvind in Viper Studio
Mastered by Simon Tuozolli in Up Recording Studio

Guest Performers

Murari Vasudevan in 'Wither'
Niklas Stalvind in 'Uncle Sunny At the Tavern'
The Demonstealer in 'Kissing Flies'



all rights reserved


Albatross Mumbai, India

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Track Name: Uncle Sunny At The Tavern
(intro solo- Hegde)


Everything's changed,
Yet everything's the same,
Just the way it was,
Sixteen years ago,
The town, once imposing,
Was now decomposing,
Cobwebbed and dying,
A sickly yellow.

When I was a boy,
This town brought me joy,
Many memories,
I've left behind,
But I wish to see
The town like it used to be,
To tear away the cobwebs,
Like they tore away my mind.

Chorus: Raptorsville is dying

(Solo- Vignesh)

On this hot summer day, people walk the streets,
With their slumped shoulders, every step spells defeat,
No sense of purpose by which they are governed,
And as I follow them I enter the tavern.
No one looks on up this day, no one cares,
People they drink, to their shared nightmares,
A bar full of people, staring into space,
I spot Uncle Sunny, And then I take my place.

(Solo- Hegde)

'No time for pleasantries, No hello or aye,
16 years it's been, Uncle Sunny,' say I,
'What has become of this once lively town?
Why is all sickly, decayed and brown?'

Uncle Sunny:
'Ever since Mayor Raptor died, nothing's ever been the same,
Raptorsville is a town, today only in name,
Today it's a town without life, without soul,
And losing whatever sanity it once used to hold.'

It can't be one man,
Who changes the land,
Who alone could cause,
This abysmal fate,
I get off my chair,
Pay for my beer,
Uncle Sunny rose too,
And asked me to wait.

Chorus: Raptorsville is dying

(Solo- Vignesh)

Uncle Sunny:
Don't leave yet my son
Listen to my words, for they will serve you well,
By entering this town, you've opened the gates of Hell,
Heed my words, I tell you no lies,
The town's dying, and where there's death, there are flies.
Track Name: The Kissing Flies
Kissing flies, Kissing flies,
Come to suck blood from your eyes

Then upon that midnight dreary, While I pondered weak and weary,
As I sat and recollected, all that Uncle Sunny had said,
My eyes then they grew all tired, As I thought of what transpired,
Of the doom and predictions, and a town not yet dead.
Presently my eyes they did close, when in relief there came repose,
Dreams of all the better times, washed away then all of my pain,
It started with a hum, growing slowly into a thrum,
It was in the dead of night, creeping, crawling, then came flies.

They live in a world of all that's decayed,
In decomposition they thrive,
Spreading disease, pain and illness,
When all's dying they're alive

Here come the kissing flies,
Come to suck blood from my eyes

And the drone of the flies, obscene and sharp
Sounded like the playing of an angel's harp

(Solo 1- Vignesh)
(Solo 2- Hegde)

But I did not find them ghastly,
As they drove me into ecstasy,
I didn't find them terrifying,
They promised all taken from me,
I didn't find them repulsive at all,
They brought me joy like never before,
I didn't want them to ever leave me,
They showed the delights life had in store

And as they came close I realised,
They all wanted to kiss my eyes,
To tell me there's no pain out there,
To tell me it's going to be all right.

Here come the kissing flies,
Come to suck blood from my eyes.

And then the flies came for my eyes,
Maybe one, maybe two, maybe even four,
Maybe four hundred of them,
Maybe less, maybe several hundred more,
They told me I'll never cry again,
They broke through all my defences,
They pried wide my eyes open,
And then they reached my contact lenses.
They opened my eyes
And then I saw them for what they really were. Sick, despicable flies.

It took a minute to break the spell,
To escape this fly infested hell,
To run away from these lies,
To outrun these cursed flies,
I ran on and on and on,
I ran till it was dawn,
I ran till the sun rose high,
I ran till there were no flies.

The visions I was promised,
They vanished with the flies,
All that I was left with,
Was the blood pouring from my eyes.

(Solo- Hegde)

Gone were the kissing flies,
Blood was flowing from my eyes.